What did researching teachers learn this term through action research ?

Two groups of teachers, about twenty in total, opted for action research for their month of enlightenment mid Jan to mid Feb, this blog shares the work of the group led by @kateboshier .
In session one, Kate took the group through the process of action research.

Then in session two six weeks later colleagues shared their action research.

What I loved about this group’s work was that they had no additional input apart from the initial session with Kate. This both inspired them and also clarified how to carry out action research. I don’t this this would work if we had asked all staff to conduct action research.  Given the chance to choose, these teachers chose to conduct action research and so were highly motivated and come up with some interesting outcomes.

Where next?
Several of these teachers have now been encouraged to join the Excellent Teaching coaching programme so they will develop their action research further in this programme. All of their findings will inform future staff professional development and work with students. We will encourage at least one to write up their work for Greenford High School’s first ever learning journal for publication in September 2015.

Posts coming up will share the action research conducted by the other group, for many this is part of the Excellent Teaching programme.

What did researching teachers learn this term through action research ?

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