Research Lead: frog in a well?

How can we put policy into practice?

Research engagement, participation and impact benefits from fuzzy boundaries, and at #rEDCamb today there was a lot of fuzz. The genius Phillipa Cordingley began the day with inspiring examples from CUREE’s work with Wrexham and Kenton schools, and ending with a beautiful story of Merlin speaking to Arthur, conjuring up a vision of the Research Lead as wizard waving a wand to solve all the school’s problems.

My workshop asked the questions – “Educational Research: how? and why?” and started with some of the realities of the role of the Research Lead – less wizard, more Child Protection Officer, a person known to everyone in the school as the person to alert to research findings, and to ask if you want to discover more in-depth expertise. We explored the advantages of grassroots vs top down, summarised well in these tweets.
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 19.51.39

I shared how I had set out to engage all…

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Research Lead: frog in a well?

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